The Energy Systems Research Laboratory conducts federally funded research projects related to electrical energy systems on land, in space and at sea and they are funded by major federal agencies and a large number of major corporations.

Research areas include: 

  • Smart Grid Communication and Networking
  • Smart Grid Sensing, Measurements and Integrated Equipment Protocols & Standards
  • Energy Cyber-Physical Co-Design Systems
  • DC Protection Systems
  • Smart Grid operations and Intelligent System and Machine Learning Applications
  • Sensing, Measurement and Equipment Standards
  • IoT Applications in Smart Grid Operation
  • Cloud Interface and Remote Connectivity with Microgrids
  • Multi Agent Control and Advanced Metering Infrastructure
  • Hybrid AC-DC Electric Vehicles and Charge systems
  • Microgrid operations and Renewable Energy Integration
  • Energy Storage Systems
  • Power Electronics and Electric Drive Systems
  • Computational Electromagnetics and EMC Design for Energy Systems

Energy Systems Research Laboratory provides outstanding research opportunities for graduate students and embeds significant research experience in its undergraduate interns.

Furthermore, our researchers help companies, government agencies and various research organizations develop products through computational prototyping tools and also perform evaluation of products for EMI emissions in their operating energy systems in order to satisfy for EMC and International Standards Compliance.

Some of the research projects are related to physics-based modeling for the design and optimization of electric drives in their operating environment and also for  EMC/EMI applications. Part of this work utilizes online dynamic parameter optimization for controller development and conditional monitoring in energy systems. Research topics include not only physics based modeling and optimization of electric machines, but also real-time implementations of optimization techniques, with multi objective design targets, as well as using common stator for electric machine applications. Researches in this field includes controller designs for noise and vibration reduction and drive systems based on hardware in the loop and finite element method techniques along with computational prototyping of electro-motors.

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research4 114-2 Overall Schematic of AC-DC Grid

Our research facilities include an energy system platform for movable vessels and for smart grid research. This is a unique facility which includes all types of alternate and conventional energy resources and simulators. A real-time platform named “Smart Grid Test bed” provides outstanding features for monitoring, operation, control and integration of sustainable energy resources.

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The research is aimed at solving the smart grid operation and its communication puzzle for the utility industry and customer based systems, by integrating latest IT solutions such as smart meters, IEDS, RTUs, PLCs, and incorporating latest standards such as IEC61850, and IEEE C37.118. This platform includes more than 200 voltage and current sensors, providng an SCADA and feedbacked controllers, to create scenarios for study the cyber and physical issues in feasibility, resiliency, and stable of operation of power grid and improving security techniques in sensor, processor and communication aspect of the grid.

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 Our research territory also covers new developments in electric vehicles technologies and charging technologies. Power converters, wireless charging, and battery management systems for economical, optimal and healthy operating conditions of car parks, battery banks, and power electronic converters.

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