In hybrid sustainable energy conversion systems, multi-input boost converters (MIBC) became widely used to enhance the stability and reliability. However, conventional boost converters have difficulties of low efficiency, implementation size and cost


  • To improve these drawbacks, this work proposes a novel modularized multi-input bridgeless boost converter (MIBBC) that interfaces the hybrid AC/DC power sources to DC microgrid.
  • The main advantages for proposed topology are:
    • Higher efficiencyReduced size and weight
    • Unity power factor operation
    • Adjustment of DC-bus voltage
    • Robustness
  • MIBBC topology is experimentally validated with results obtained from 72-kW prototype that has been built and tested based on TMS320F28335 DSP.


Conversion Topologies:

System Modelling:

  • The guiding equations of the proposed system control strategies are:


Experimental Setup:



Test Results:

  • Wind Generator Performance:



  • DC Reference Step Change Test:


*Parallel Operation Test                                                         *Parametric Variation


*Efficiency Comparision                                                      *Generator PF



  • The MIBBC has been investigated and experimental results verified:
    • Higher efficiency (97.8%)
    • Larger output power density
    • Unity power factor operation (0.998)
    • Less cost (modularity)
    • Comprehensive design (4-ports)
  • The test results have demonstrated the proposed system effectiveness for a wide power range.