Hybrid GA-PSO Multi-Objective Design Optimization of Coupled PM Synchronous Motor-Drive Using Physics-Based Modeling Approach


This work explores for the best solution between design parameter of SPM motor with the motor phase current, back emf waveform, and cogging torque for a minimum torque ripple, a minimum total harmonic distortion of phase current, and as a result, a maximum efficiency. An advanced optimization algorithm is designed to optimize a multi objective function which covers the desirable goals.

A physic-based phase variable model is used to relate and connect the SPM motor design parameter to drive circuit. A mixed Genetic-particle swarm algorithm is developed and it is used as an optimization tool.A closed form equation was used to determine the width/length ratio of magnets.A discrete search space was used to accelerate the optimization task.Performance measures as well as magnet and copper volumes are optimized.

Physics-Based PM Machine Block Diagram

Physics-Based PM Machine Block Diagram

Optimized Performance and Dimensions

Field distribution of original and optimized machine


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