The Energy Systems Research Laboratory conducts federally funded research projects related to electrical energy systems on land, in space and at sea. Research projects related to physics-based modeling for the design and optimization of electric drives in their operating environment. Part of this work utilizes online dynamic parameter optimization for controller development in energy systems. Our research facilities include a Smart Grid test-bed for smart grid research on utility systems and movable vessels. This is a unique facility in the USA at the laboratory scale totaling a power capability of up to 72-kW in ac and dc sources. The facility also includes all types of alternate and conventional energy resources and load emulators. A complete power electronics and electric drives laboratory facility is available for the development of converters and controllers in addition to embedded  systems.

We are performing research aimed at solving the smart grid operation and its communication puzzle for the utility industry and customer based systems. Our researchers conduct cutting edge research related to Medium Voltage DC Distribution Architectures for many new systems ranging from residential based systems to future naval platforms. This is done with the help of a Real-Time Distributed Simulation environment with Hardware in the Loop (RTDS).

Furthermore, our researchers help companies, government agencies and various research organizations develop products through computational prototyping tools and also perform evaluation of products for EMI emissions in their operating energy systems in order to satisfy for EMC and International Standards Compliance

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Osama A. Mohammed, Ph.D., IEEE Fellow, ACES Fellow Distinguished Professor & Associate Dean for Research College of Engineering and Computing Director, Energy Systems Research Laboratory Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Florida International University Miami, Florida USA

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