The developed DC-bus module system is a highly integrated, high-performance solution for medium & low voltage DC distribution applications. It is designed for applications requiring a single bus solution to control up to twelve DC-sources sharing same DC-bus and having same DC-voltage level. The bus is designed to interface with various power modules. Also, it has ability for parallel integrated renewable sources connection representing DC-microgrid.


Developed dc-bus system module

Key Features:

  • Multi-access input/output comprehensive connectivity
  • DSP & Microcontrollers interface
  • Bus voltage level monitoring & isolation
  • DC-bus capacitor filter

The DC-bus module system is designed to provide superior monitoring and control management and is highly suitable for various applications such as:

  • Photovoltaic Generation Systems
  • Wind Energy Conversion Systems
  • Fuel cells
  • DC-Loads (Static & Dynamic)
  • Battery Banks
  • DC-DC Converters