In this project, the design and implementation of a digital signal controller (DSC) is presented. This DSC was used for high frequency-based grid-tie inverter connected to wind emulator system. The developed DSC was designed, fabricated, and tested in our laboratory. A 150 MHz (6.67-ns Cycle Time) Texas Instruments processor chip was used as the heart of the developed control board. The DSC based board presented here is a highly integrated, high-performance solution for demanding control applications. It was designed for applications requiring a single board solution to control up to four, high frequency (HF)-based three phase converters or for general power electronics industrial applications. The main advantages of the developed DSC-board are; low cost, high processing speed capability, small size and weight, high reliability (embedded and computer independent with USB communication for program downloading process).


DSC digital fabricated board


Schematic diagram of proposed WES connected to grid


Experimental test setup of proposed WES connected to grid

The developed controller was designed for controlling a 3-kW grid-connected HF-space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) inverter to inject the wind emulator system power into the grid. This study was also implemented in a laboratory setup for 30-kHz, 3-kW power inverter module. The experimental verification has been done in order to confirm the effectiveness of the developed controller for high frequency operation.