We are excited to share our latest achievement with the research community and our readers. Our esteemed research lab is proud to announce the publication of our most recent journal paper, and we invite you to explore its content in the attached PDF document.

Title: Tri-level hierarchical coordinated control of large-scale EVs charging based on multi-layer optimization framework
Authors:Tawfiq Aljohani , Mohamed A. Mohamed , Osama Mohammed
Published In: Electric Power Systems Research
Publication Date: 8 October 2023

Abstract: The stochastic nature of electric vehicles (EVs) has made predicting and ultimately controlling their integration on a large scale a very challenging task. This work proposes a two-layer optimization framework based on the Stackelberg leader and follower to manage a tri-level energy management strategy to coordinate EVs charging. The first layer incorporates an aggregator that collects the energy requirements of all EVs in a decentralized manner, and sends them to an attached microgrid, which constitutes the second layer of the proposed scheme, for further processing. Then, the microgrid runs a lower-level energy optimization problem in a centralized manner based on the inputs from its aggregators downstream and a system operator upstream, which operates in the third level. Simultaneously, the coordination between the system operator and its attached microgrids is formulated as an upper-level energy optimization problem. The work incorporates the dynamics of the energy system by modeling practical economic, technical, and operational variables. The formulated problem is solved via mixed-integer quadratic programming (MIQP). The results show that the proposed strategy has successfully influenced the charging requirements of EVs due to the dynamic energy price signals issued following the system’s timely operation. In addition, the results demonstrated an optimal energy exchange to support optimal operation and reduce overall costs.


You can download the paper here.