Daniel Monsalve


Daniel Monsalve

Currently Working at Company Name :Boeing, Seattle, Washington. (2012- Present)
Total Duration: 7 yrs 6 mos

Worked at Research in Motion as a Hardware Wireless Designer
This is some of his experience at RIM:

1. Worked on verification and testing of Blackberry prototypes to ensure that the product meet all subsystem level specifications.
2. Tested SMPS and LDO characterization focusing on output voltage ripple, load and line regulation, transient response and power up sequence. USB Situational Testing performed to verify USB performance in various end-user scenarios.
3. Collected data on prototypes and assisted in analyzing results to ensure overall battery life performance. Characterized charge and discharge profiles of battery with various sources. Verification of charge initiation and termination points, charge current and battery voltage limits for constant current and constant voltage phases.
4. Designed breakout board for SD card to facilitate efficient evaluation of SD card interface of prototypes.
5. Tested Wi-Fi and Bluetooth RF sub-systems in order to guarantee compliance with specifications such as IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, FCC Part 15, and Bluetooth v2.1. Tests included: Rx sensitivity, Tx power levels, and others. Assisted in verification testing, desense testing, and troubleshooting of other RF sub-systems such as GSM, and WCDMA. Optimized Wi-Fi Power Amplifier by tuning various circuit elements in order to achieve satisfactory Tx power and EVM levels.

Florida International University

Degree Name –Bachelor
Field Of Study- Electrical Engineer
Dates attended- 



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