Smart Grid Systems Test Bed


Ship Board Power Systems Test Bed

The self-managing and reliable smart grid is seen as the future of protection and control systems. By using generation stations, transmission lines, synchronizers, DAQs, Loads, and also using the new wireless communication layers, test bed.

Energy Systems Research Laboratory mainly concentrates on implementation of test bed power system as a micro-scaled smart grid. In order to implement the idea of smart grid, the main focus is the communications and control issues. The term Smart Grid consists of three individual sections: Smart generation, Smart control, and Smart consumption. All these topics require a communication infrastructure that allows connection of all these components to be connected to a centralized point, i.e. a master computer.

Currently, we are using induction motors to simulate the behavior of turbines to prepare power for the generators. The Lenze drives are used to control the induction motors of the generator. Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) controls the excitation of the generator to control the reactive power. Control commands are coming from the master computer and is also retrieves the information from each generation station. All of the above procedures are done through wireless communication.

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