SHARC POWER- A Senior Design Project by ESRL Students


Dr.Mohammed with his students who designed Sharc Power project for senior design

The intent of this project to take advantage of natural sources of energy surrounding a vessel at sea as well as hydrogen to provide power for the propulsion and electrical loads of the vessel. This will allow commercial and cargo vessels to reduce or completely eliminate their dependency on bunker oil for their energy demands. Our scaled design will display the main idea by means of renewable energy sources simulated using programmable DC power supplies. This variable DC voltage will then be boosted and transferred to a DC bus which will act as common point for all contributing sources of energy to add. An inverter will be used to convert this voltage to AC voltage and provide power for loads at 120 V, 60 Hz. In order to achieve the desired results we will follow certain standards so that our project is reliable and easy to implement. Also any infringement on an existing patent will be avoided when implementing the power system for our vessel. We are certain that this project brings a fresh new idea that is being discussed and studied worldwide but that is yet to be implemented on full scale and in mass production.

Team Members:

  • Jose Seijo
  • Armando Herrera
  • Jose Alvarez
  • Andres Reyes
  • Elias Crespo

This project was completed under the supervision of Dr.Osama Mohammed, PhD Student Amin Mahmoud and Mohamad Elshaer.

Energy Systems Research Lab students with their Senior Design project

Video Presentation:


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