The IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES) General Meeting is a major annual conference focused on the latest research and developments in electric power engineering. At the 2023 IEEE PES General Meeting held in July in Orlando, Florida. Professor Osama Mohammed from Florida International University delivered an insightful presentation during the PES Plenary Session. Professor Mohammed, who holds the Director position at FIU’s Energy Systems Research Laboratory, spoke about several key topics including the role of minority institutions in power and energy research, K-12 STEM education, cybersecurity, and FIU’s capabilities and facilities. His talk highlighted the groundbreaking work being done at FIU to advance technologies. He also emphasized the need to inspire students towards STEM careers and train them in critical cybersecurity skills to protect the energy grid. Finally, Professor Mohammed gave an overview of FIU’s state-of-the-art facilities and how they enable impactful research partnerships with industry and government. Overall, his presentation exemplified FIU’s leadership in power engineering research, education, and workforce development. The talk generated thoughtful discussions among the diverse attendees at the conference.


The PhD students from Energy Systems Research Laboratory presented their cutting-edge research, showcasing innovative solutions and advancements in the realm of energy systems. Their presentations covered a diverse range of topics, including renewable energy integration, smart grid technologies, energy storage systems, and sustainable power generation methods. The depth and quality of their research were truly impressive, sparking lively discussions and inspiring new collaborations among attendees.

The Energy Systems Research Laboratory’s students demonstrated their passion for addressing the pressing challenges in the power and energy sector, offering fresh perspectives and novel approaches to shape the future of the industry. Their contributions undoubtedly enriched the conference, leaving a lasting impact on the audience and reinforcing the significance of academic research in driving progress in this crucial field.

Overall, the IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting provided an invaluable platform for these talented PhD students to showcase their work, fostering knowledge exchange and encouraging further research in the pursuit of a sustainable and efficient energy future.