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Currently Working as Electronics Engineer Manager at VMR Products, Miami/Fort lauderdale Area.

Tan Ma (S’09) received his doctoral degree in electrical engineering at Florida International University. Tan Ma is a student member of IEEE PES and IAS. His research interests include Power System Operations and Control, Artificial Intelligence Applications to Power Systems, Energy Conservation and Alternate Energy Sources and smart grid power system design and optimization.

Research Interest tan-2

  • Hybrid DC Power System Study with Renewable Energy Integration;
  •  High Efficiency Converters Design; Accuracy Energy Storage System Modeling, Protection and Control.
  • The design of a hybrid AC/DC smart grid system with sustainable energy resources and energy storage.

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  1. Optimal charging of plug-in electric vehicles for a car park infrastructure
  2. Economic analysis of real-time large scale PEVs network power flow control algorithm with the consideration of V2G services
  3. Real-time plug-in electric vehicles charging control for V2G frequency regulation
  4. Fuzzy logic based power and thermal management system design for multi-cell lithium-ion battery bank protection and operation
  5. Distributed control of hybrid AC-DC microgrid with solar energy, energy storage and critical load
  6. Plug-in vehicles car park photovoltatic farm construction for cost and emission reductions
  7. Coordination Control of Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid with Solar Energy, Plug-in Electric Vehicles and Critical Load
  8. Educational Approach to the Methodology of Implementing Wireless Control of Power Flow in Hybrid Power Systems
  9. Laboratory Scaled Plug-in Electric Vehicles Car Park Infrastructure Emulator Design
  10. Educational Experiments in Renewable Energy Analysis, Forecasting, and Management in Hybrid Power System
  11. Optimal Renewable Energy Farm and Energy Storage Sizing Method for Future Hybrid Power System
Contact  tma004@fiu.edu, mohammed@fiu.edu

Florida International University

Degree Name Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
Field Of Study Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dates attended: 



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