Energy_Systems_Lab_Logo_Final Lashway
  • Currently working as System Analyst at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Greater Boston Area
  • PhD in electrical engineering at Florida International University at the Energy Systems Research Laboratory.
  • He received his B.S. in electrical engineering  technology at the University of Central Florida, Orlando in 2008 and M.Eng. degree in electrical engineering at Pennsylvania State University – Harrisburg. He worked as an engineer at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Dahlgren, Virginia on a wide range of Marine Corpsand Naval projects. In 2012, he detailed with the Naval Research Laboratory integrating flexible PV with wearable power mangement solutions.
Research Interest   

  • Battery behavior and characteristic analysis through the development of an advanced battery quantification system
  • Advanced non-evasive battery management systems for utility systems
  • Intelligent control algorithms for lead acid and lithium ion battery systems
  • Development of intrinsic models for galvanic cells to improve legacy battery equivalent circuit models
  • Utilization of nanotechnology usage inside the battery electrolyte to improve voltage stability, reduce internal resistance, and decrease impacts of state-of-health
  • High-powered battery charger power quality investigations and harmonic reduction
  1. Optimal Renewable Energy Farm and Energy Storage Sizing Method for Future Hybrid Power System
  2. Quantifying Battery State-of-Health in Microgrid Applications
  3. Design and Control of a Grid-Tied P-V System for Medium-Sized Household in South Florida
  4. Improved Estimation Methods for Lead Acid Utility Arrays for Microgrids


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Electrical Engineering