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Biography: Christopher R. Lashway is currently pursuing his PhD in electrical engineering at Florida International University at the Energy Systems Research Laboratory.

He received his B.S. in electrical engineering  technology at the University of Central Florida, Orlando in 2008 and M.Eng. degree in electrical engineering at Pennsylvania State University – Harrisburg. He worked as an engineer at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Dahlgren, Virginia on a wide range of Marine Corpsand Naval projects. In 2012, he detailed with the Naval Research Laboratory integrating flexible PV with wearable power mangement solutions. He

Research Interest   

  • Battery behavior and characteristic analysis through the development of an advanced battery quantification system
  • Advanced non-evasive battery management systems for utility systems
  • Intelligent control algorithms for lead acid and lithium ion battery systems
  • Development of intrinsic models for galvanic cells to improve legacy battery equivalent circuit models
  • Utilization of nanotechnology usage inside the battery electrolyte to improve voltage stability, reduce internal resistance, and decrease impacts of state-of-health
  • High-powered battery charger power quality investigations and harmonic reduction
  1. Optimal Renewable Energy Farm and Energy Storage Sizing Method for Future Hybrid Power System
  2. Quantifying Battery State-of-Health in Microgrid Applications
  3. Design and Control of a Grid-Tied P-V System for Medium-Sized Household in South Florida
  4. Improved Estimation Methods for Lead Acid Utility Arrays for Microgrids



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