Dr. Ahmed Taha Elsayed

Currently working at Boeing Research and Technology

Postdoctoral candidate and a Research Assistant at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, College of Engineering and Computing, Florida International University, Miami, Florida, USA. His current research interests are DC distribution architectures, Flywheel energy storage and energy management of distributed power systems.

Research Interest   taha0 taha1 taha2

  • Flywheel Energy Storage Systems (FESS).
  • Optimization of DC distribution architectures.
  • Shipboard power systems and pulsed load characteristics.
  • Control and energy management of DC microgrids and distributed generation units

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  1. Distributed Flywheel Energy Storage Systems for Mitigating the Effects of Pulsed Loads
  2. DC Microgrids and Distribution Systems: An Overview
  3. Wavelet-Adaptive ANN Forecaster for Renewable Energy Sources for Continuous Supply in Microgrid Applications
  4. Design and Control of Standalone P-V System for Rural Residential Applications.
  5. Advanced Battery Management & Stabilization System for Smart Grid Infrastructure
  6. A Comparative Study on the Optimal Combination of Hybrid Energy Storage System for Ship Power Systems
  7. Design and Implementation of AC/DC Active Power Load Emulator
  8. DDS Based interoperability framework for Smart Grid Testbed Infrastructure
  9. Frequency and Voltage Control of Microgrids upon Unintentional Cascading Islanding
  10. PMU Deployment on Active Distribution Networks for Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid Monitoring and Control
  11.  Improved SRF Shunt APF Control for Power Quality Enhancement of Non-linear and Unbalanced Loads
  12. Improved Design of Controlled Rectifier for Reduced Ripple Resulting from  Integration of DC loads to AC Systems
  13. Intelligent Multi-Objective Control for Improved Integration of Microgrids to Power Systems Involving Highly Nonlinear Local Loads
  14. Wavelet-Adaptive ANN Forecaster for Renewable Energy Sources for Continuous Supply in Microgrid Applications
  15. Educational Experiments in Renewable Energy Analysis, Forecasting, and Management in Hybrid Power System
  16. A Novel Smart Grid Controller for Bi-directional Grid Connected Inverters for Mitigation of Pulsed Loads on AC and DC Sides
  17. Wide area monitoring and control for voltage assessment in smart grids with distributed generation
Contact  aghar002@fiu.edu, mohammed@fiu.edu



Florida International University
Degree Name: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Field Of Study – Electrical Engineering
Dates attended: 


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