Improved design of controlled rectifier for reduced ripple resulting from integration of DC loads to AC systems



Berzoy, A.
Dept. of Electr. & Comput. Eng., Florida Int. Univ., Miami, FL, USA
Elsayed, A. ; Youssef, T. ; Mohammed, O.A.

In this paper, an improved methodology for the design and precise parameter selection for a controlledrectifier (CR) is presented. We propose an improvement over the existing techniques for inductor and capacitor design based on current ripple, error analysis and switching state analysis. Furthermore, an equation for the design of the DC link capacitor considering the voltage ripple and the switching state analysis is derived. The analysis for the inductor is based on the estimation of the current error area using pulse width modulation (PWM) center and left aligned. This methodology is extendible to Active Power Filters (APF). The proposed methodology is verified through Matlab/ SIMULINK simulation using a predictive current control scheme over the voltage source converter (VSC). In order to show the effectiveness and validity of the proposed methodology; calculations are verified numerically and a comparison with other techniques in the literature is presented.

Published in:

PES General Meeting | Conference & Exposition, 2014 IEEE

Date of Conference:

27-31 July 2014


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