No.: Name  Authors Date File
1. "Physical-Model-Checking to Detect Switching-Related Attacks in Power Systems” El Hariri, M.; Faddel, S.; Mohammed  July 2018 Click Here
2. "Pre-Processing of Energy Demand Disaggregation Based Data Mining Techniques for Household Load Demand Forecasting” Ahmed. F. Ebrahim and Osama A. Mohammed  July 2018
3. "Analysis of the Impact of Stator Inter-turn Short-Circuit Faults on Induction Machines Driven by Direct Torque Control" Alberto Berzoy, O. A. Mohammed  Sept. 2018 Click Here
4. Utilization of Supercapacitors in Protection Schemes for Resiliency against Communication Outages: A Case Study on Size and Cost Optimization H. Habib, M. E. Hariri, A. Elsayed and O. A. Mohammed March 2018 Click Here
5. "The Internet of Microgrids: A Cloud-Based Framework for Wide Area Networked Microgrids"  E. Harmon, U. Ozgur, M. H. Cintuglu, R. de Azevedo, K. Akkaya and O. A. Mohammed December 2017 Click Here
6. Physics-Based Co-simulation Platform with Analytical and Experimental Verification for Bidirectional IPT System in EV Applications Mohamed, Ahmed A. S.; Mohammed, Osama October 2017 Click Here
7. "Bi-layer multi-objective optimal allocation and sizing of electric vehicle parking garage" Samy Faddel, A. Elsayed and O. Mohammed January 2018 Click Here
8. " Carrier Extraction Based Synchronization Scheme for Distributed DC-DC converters in DC-Microgrid" Tarek Youssef, M. Elsied, A. Salem, Amrane Oukaour, Hamid Gualous and Osama Mohammed April 2018
9. "A comparative study of Quasi-FEA technique on iron losses prediction for permanent magnet synchronous machines" Asef, P., Perpina, R.B., Barzegaran, M.R. Dong, J. Lapthorn, A. and Mohammed, O. A. January 2018
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