No.: Name  Authors Date File
1. “Cyber Threats Impact Assessment and Lightweight Real-Time Network Intrusion Detection in IEC 61850-based Substation Automation System” Ibtissam Kharchouf, Mahmoud. S. Abdelrahman, and Osama A. Mohammed December 2023 Accepted for Publication
2. “CHIL Testbed of a Distributed Consensus Multi-Agent System Control Under Deception and Disruption cyber-attacks” Ibtissam Kharchouf, and Osama A. Mohammed Under Review
3. “Assessment of Cyber-Physical Inverter-Based Microgrid Control Performance under Communication Delay and Cyber-Attacks” O. Ali.; T.-L Nguyen; Osama A. Mohammed January 2024 Click Here
4. “A review of battery state of charge estimation and management systems: Models and future prospective” H. Hussein, A. Aghmadi, M. S. Abdelrahman, S M S. H., Rafin, and Osama A. Mohammed    
5. “Comprehensive Review of Architecture, Communication, and Cybersecurity in Networked Microgrid Systems. Inventions” Aghmadi A, Hussein H, Polara KH, Mohammed Osama A. Mohammed June  2023 Click Here
6. “Power Electronics Revolutionized: A Comprehensive Analysis of Emerging Wide and Ultrawide Bandgap Devices” S M Sajjad Hossain Rafin, Roni Ahmed, Md. Asadul Haque, Md. Kamal Hossain, Md. Asikul Haque, and Osama A. Mohammed October 2023 Click Here
7. “A Hybrid Physical Co-Simulation Smart Grid Testbed for Testing and Impact Analysis of Cyber-Attacks on Power Systems: Framework and Attack Scenarios” Abdelrahman, Mahmoud S., Ibtissam Kharchouf, Tung Lam Nguyen, and Osama A. Mohammed November 2023 Click Here
8. “A Comprehensive Cyber-Physical Smart Grid Testbed for Testing and Validation of IEC 61850-GOOSE-Based Protection Strategies” M. S. Abdelrahman, Ibtissam Kharchouf, and O. A. Mohammed    
9. “Operation and Coordinated Energy Management in Multi-Microgrids for Improved and Resilient Distributed Energy Resource Integration in Power Systems” Aghmadi A, Mohammed O. A January 2024 Click Here
10. “Novel Dual Inverter Sub-Harmonic Synchronous Machines” S M Sajjad Hossain Rafin and Osama A. Mohammed June 2023 Click Here
11. “A Cyber-HIL for Investigating Control Systems in Ship Cyber-Physical Systems under Communication Issues and Cyber Attacks” L. Vu, T. -L. Nguyen, M. S. Abdelrahman, T. Vu, and O. A. Mohammed May/June 2023 Click Here
12. “Encoderless Control of PMa-SynRG Based-Stator Current Vector for Wind Generation Systems” M. M. Amin, A. S. Soliman, F. F. M. El-Sousy and O. A. Mohammed January 2023 Click Here
13. “Experimental Validation for Artificial Data-Driven Tracking Control for Enhanced Three-Phase Grid-Connected Boost Rectifier in DC Microgrids” M. M. Amin, A. S. Soliman, F. F. M. El-Sousy and O. A. Mohammed December 2022 Click Here
14. “Practical Implementation of High-Efficiency Multiple-Input Converter Embedding Renewables and Energy Storage For DC-Microgrid Applications” A. S. Soliman, M. M. Amin, F. F. M. El-Sousy and O. A. Mohammad  May 2023 Click Here
15. “Comprehensive Review of Power Electronic Converters in Electric Vehicle Applications” Islam, Rejaul, S M Sajjad Hossain Rafin, and Osama A. Mohammed  December 2022 Click Here
16. “International Electrotechnical Commission 61850 Routable Generic Object-Oriented Substation Event Messages: A Secure Data-Centric Communication Approach” T. Youssef, M. M. Esfahani, I. Kharchouf and O. A. Mohammed November 2022 Click Here
17. “Two-stage dynamic management in energy communities using a decision system based on elastic net regularization” Antonello Rosato, Massimo Panella, Amedeo Andreotti, Osama A. Mohammed, Rodolfo Araneo June 2021 Click Here
18. “A New SEPIC-Based Step-Up DC-DC Converter with Wide Conversion Ratio for Fuel Cell Vehicles: Analysis and Design” Nour Elsayad; Hadi Moradisizkoohi; Osama Mohammed August 2021 Click Here
19. “Two-Stage Optimization Strategy for Solving the VVO Problem Considering High Penetration of Plug-in Electric Vehicles to Unbalanced Distribution Network” Tawfiq Aljohani, Ahmed Saad and Osama Mohammed May 2021 Click Here