No.:Name AuthorsDateFile
1."Energy Storage Technologies for High Power Applications"Mustafa Farhadi and Osama MohammedMay -Jun 2016 
2."DDS Based interoperability framework for Smart Grid Testbed Infrastructure"Tarek A. Youssef, Ahmed T. Elsayed  and Osama A. MohammedMarch 2016 
3."Adaptive Battery Management and Parameter Estimation through Physics based Modeling and Experimental Verification"C.R. Lashway, O.A. Mohammed30 Nov 2015 
4."Modeling and Control of a Low Speed Flywheel Driving System for Pulsed Load Mitigation in DC Distribution Networks"Ahmed T. Elsayed, Tarek Youssef, and O. A. MohammedOctober 2015 
5."Performance Enhancement of Actively Controlled Hybrid DC Microgrid Incorporating Pulsed " Mustafa Farhadi and Osama MohammedOctober 2015 
6."Empirical Development of a Trusted Sensing Base for Power System Infrastructures"Mazloomzadeh, Ali.; Mohammed, O.A.; ZonouzsamanSeptember 2015 
7."Optimizing Power  Convertor PCB Magnetic Design for Lower EMI Levels "A.Mohammed;Alberto Berzoy and O.A. Mohammed2015 
8." Event - Based Protection Scheme for a Multi-terminal Hybrid DC Power System"Farhadi, M.; Mohammed, O.A.Mohammed July 2015 
9."Physics - Based Modeling of Power Converter Drive System for Evaluation of Electromagnetic Compatibility"M.R. Barzegaran,; ,A.Nejadpak,; O.A. MohammedJune 2015 
10."Advanced Battery Management and  Diagnostic  System  for  Smart   Grid Infrastructure"Ahmed T. Elsayed; C. Lashway and O.A. MohammedApril 2015 
11."Numerical Simulation of Electromagnetic Field Correlation between Components of Power Converter-Pulse Load System"R Barzegaran,;Arash Nejadpak  and O.A. Mohammed2015 
12."Real Time Multi Agent Based Game Theory Reverse AuctionModel for Microgrid Market Operation"Converter-Pulse Load System"Mehmet Hazar Cintuglu and Osama Mohammed  March 2015