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In case you missed attending the webinars hosted by the FIU-ESRL, IEEE Miami section, IAS and PES chapters, here you are the links for the recorded videos.

Title: “Big Data, IoT, Enterprise Data Management, and the New Data Requirements of Drones and Robotic Inspection Devices”, October 2020

Speaker: Mr. John D. McDonald
P.E., IEEE Life Fellow, CIGRE Distinguished Member

Recorded Video Link: https://fiu.zoom.us/rec/share/e7QB-C6EiiH1Y6Vy4BN3K_HhK_gzAyc7nnuOSsaIulWTR06red_cmcG8oFAuY6cj.F_6uilUIc51MwtXz


Title: “Advanced methods for condition monitoring of electric motors based on transient analysis.”, November 2020

Speaker: Professor Jose A Antonino-Daviu
IEEE Senior Member, IEEE IAS Distinguished Lecturer 

Recorded Video Link:  https://fiu.zoom.us/rec/play/jdGHZnYio8bjtyrMaWLs1nU4s_O068IE1U_1jxB33HqXpg5eBdDL

For more information, Please contact:

  1. Prof Mohammed, Chair of IEEE IAS chapter and PES chapter
  2. Hassan Eldeeb, Secretary of IAS chapter and PES chapter

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