Mustafa Farhadi


Mustafa Farhadi
Electrical Engineer, PhD
Miami, Florida

PhD in Electrical Engineering
Five years research and engineering experience in design, control and protection of hybrid power system.

• Design, monitoring and protection of energy storage devices, including ultracapacitor, lead-acid battery, Lithium-ion battery and SMES
• Design of power electronic converters and control drive circuits; AC-DC and DC-DC converters
• Real time control and hardware-in-the loop test
• Energy management system (EMS), sensors, RTUs and data acquisitions
• Installation, test and operation of outdoor and indoor substation’s equipment
• Fault current analysis and protective relaying of AC and DC power systems
• Measurement and mitigation of power quality issues, such as current and voltage harmonic, voltage variation and frequency fluctuation
• Mathematical modeling and simulation of hybrid AC/DC power system
• Electromagnetic-thermal analysis of electrical components
• Multiobjective optimization methods such as non-dominant sorting genetic algorithm, simulated annealing and analytical hierarchy process (AHP)

Computer programming/scripting languages: C/C++, Python and MATLAB Script
Power system analysis tools: MATLAB-Simulink, ETAP, PSCAD/EMTDC, ATP-EMTP
Multiphysics finite element analysis of electrical machine: COMSOL Multiphysics and Flux 2D/3D
General/Other: Microsoft Office, AutoCAD


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