Ali’s Recent Projects


Recent Projects

  1. Trusted Sensing Base for Power Infrastructures (Software and hardware developer for Security of cyber physical systems by real time data encryption and communications – at ESRL 2013-14, Best student paper award in SmartGridComm 2013, 3 years).
  2. Development and implementation of Phasor Measurement Unit and wide area protection scheme and its applications such as islanding detection (Project leader for design, programming and prototype of embedded hardware and software -ESRL 2012-14, 3 years)
  3. Laboratory-Based Smart Power System, Design, Development, Control, Monitoring, and Protection (Project engineer for development of hardware and software in a hybrid real-time smart grid laboratory including power electronics and renewables- ESRL 2010-14, 5 years)
  4. Fault Diagnosis Through Magnetic Signature Analysis Using Finite – Element Method and Neural Networks (Hardware developer and test engineer for EMI and conditional monitoring, Trouble shoot- ESRL 2013, 1 year)


Contributions in smart grid test-bed project:

  • Hardware developer and analog/digital designer for applications in smart grid platform:
    • Automatic synchronizer,
    • Dynamic load brake for synchronization of generators to grid,
    • Transmission line models,
    • bus models,
    • embedded communication converters and embedded controllers
    • Automatic generation control,
    • Embedded load control modules,


  • Software developer for:
    • SCADA, state estimation and bad data detection
    • Communication and Control of generation stations,
    • Wireless Load control, and load profile management (programmable load)
    • Phasor measurement units communication and implementation,
    • Power system library for LabVIEW,
    • Communication between AC/DC hybrid grid,
    • Modbus and serial communication.
  • Development of techniques for
    • calibration of measurements in the power system,
    • linearization of voltage and current transducers,



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