Andres Rayes


Andres Rayes

Worked at Energy Systems Research laboratory, Studying the behavior of electrical components at high frequency, in order to design a power converter which operates at optimal conditions.

His research at ESRL includes:
1. Design and implementation of a fast response dynamic load
2. Analysis of the electromagnetic spectrum on various electrical devices
3. Study on inductor and transformer design
4. Development of printed circuit boards design
5. Hydroelectric Simulated Power Plant
6. Examination of EMI in Naval Vessels

Mr Andres tells that “This experience has made me realize that to become a true professional one must be dedicated and passionate about one’s work.  At times, I thought I wouldn’t be able to come through with a task, but with the guidance of my mentors I have been able to complete assignments that once I thought were unachievable. I have been able to learn deal about power electronics in great detail. From the functional diagram of an isolation circuit, to the complex code applied in inductor design. I was able to acquire these skills by learning and understanding the process and methods used for the design at hand. I have been able to explain the research and experiments I have conducted in a manner in which multidisciplinary majors can relate to and understand the study and the progress being accomplished.”


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