LabVIEW can be used to monitor the current situation of power system, as in SCADA systems. Good user interface and high graphical accessories provide proper tool for monitoring and control of power grid in industrial and research application. This VI is part of our SCADA system made by Energy systems Research Lab. team at Florida International University. It can show the transmitted power through lines and feeders and also the generated power of each unit. By clicking on any blocks, corresponding window opens and provides the monitoring and control facilities.

LabView VI of our SCADA System

Here, a power calculation window provided in LabView environment is represented. In this subVI of SCADA system, for one of the feeders,real time, Active and Reactive Power are calculated, and also tracks of power and frequency in that feeder, along with the vectors of voltage and current in that feeder are illustrated.

Power Calculation Window in LabView